In the summer, temperatures in Dallas can get high into the 100s. To make sure you and your family stay comfortable, you will want to make sure your air conditioner is running properly. Throughout the county, residents rely on Dallas AC Repair and Installation Pros for fast, affordable AC services. Our technicians are all licensed to perform air conditioner services (E, R, and C license endorsements). With decades of experience under our belts, we are ready to help with all of your home air conditioning needs!

Air Conditioner Replacements and Upgrades
If your air conditioner is more than 10 years old, it is probably wasting a lot of energy and making your utility bills much higher than they need be. By upgrading to a newer air conditioner, you can save 20-50% on your yearly utility bills. You will also be doing your part for the environment as newer AC units are much more efficient.

Another reason to replace your air conditioner unit is if you are having constant problems such as mechanical failure, clogging, or leaks. These problems can often be fixed, but it may not be worth the expense. Replacing the air conditioner may cost more of an initial investment, but it will quickly pay off in reduced utility bills and the years of trouble-free performance from your new AC unit.

Air Conditioner Repairs
Air conditioning systems are very complex and consist of many parts including refrigerant, condensers, fans, evaporator coils, expansion valves, compressors, vents, filters, and thermostats. Problems can occur with any of these parts. Some problems may cause your air conditioner to stop working altogether, whereas others might reduce efficiency or cause poor cooling. No matter what the problem with your AC unit is, you can count on our Dallas AC experts to diagnose and solve the issue promptly. Some common air conditioner problems that we can fix are:

• AC unit won’t turn on
• AC unit won’t turn off
• AC unit turns on but doesn’t cool
• AC unit is blowing warm air
• AC unit is leaking
• HVAC unit freezes
• HVAC unit doesn’t drain

Air Conditioner Maintenance Services
Most people don’t think too much about their air conditioner systems until problems occur. However, it is important that air conditioner systems receive regular maintenance to ensure they are operating efficiently and problems don’t occur. Air conditioner maintenance services should be viewed as an investment which extends the life of your system, reduces the need for repair services, and ensures maximum efficiency.

Our Dallas air conditioner maintenance services begin with an inspection of the system. Our licensed air conditioner specialists will then perform any tune-ups which are necessary, such as:
• Cleaning condenser coils
• Cleaning condensation drains
• Cleaning blower motors
• Adjusting blower parts
• Testing pumps
• Tightening electrical parts
• Adjusting refrigerant pressure levels
• Replacing air filters
• Cleaning dirt/debris buildup from parts

Why Choose Us for Residential AC Services?
At Dallas AC Repair and Installation Pros, we pride ourselves in offering the best services in the area. All of our team members are carefully chosen based on their skill and experience. They hold E, R, and C licenses in Air Conditioner, Heating, and Refrigeration. We know that investing in knowledge pays off, which is why our technicians regularly receive additional training to stay on top of industry best practices.

It isn’t just knowledge and expertise which matters for home AC services. Our customers also want AC experts who will treat them with respect. That is why we have made customer service a priority. You can count on our AC pros to be friendly and courteous – service with a smile is our motto!

As part of our commitment to customer service, we keep our rates competitive. We also work on an open pricing policy, which means that we provide free no-obligation estimates and you will know exactly how much any AC services will cost before work begins.

Contact Dallas AC Repair and Installation Pros today. A licensed Dallas AC expert is standing by to help you stay cool.
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