According to the Department of Energy, an average home uses more than 2000 kilowatt hours of electricity per year. This is not only harmful for the environment, but also means high utility bills. The good news is that today’s air conditioners are much more efficient than the models of the past. If your current air conditioner is more than 10 years old or you are experiencing AC problems, it may be time to upgrade. Dallas AC Repair and Installation Pros can help with fast, affordable AC replacement services.

Upgrade Your AC to Save Money
If your AC system is from the 1970s, then upgrading to a new system can save you 30-50% energy. Even if your AC system is just 10 years old, you can still save about 20-40% energy by upgrading to a new AC unit. Considering that heating and cooling accounts for about half of utility bill costs in the USA, this means a significant reduction in your monthly bills.

Central air conditioner systems use the SEER rating system to indicate efficiency (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio). Older AC systems usually have a SEER rating of 6 or less. Today’s AC systems have a minimum requirement of SEER 13. Very efficient air conditioners have SEER ratings of up to 26 (and getting better all the time). These systems are a higher initial investment, but can quickly pay off in reduced utility bills.

Upgrading to a new AC system can also help you save money on repairs for your old unit. As part of our AC replacement services, we will remove your old AC unit and recycle it or dispose of it in accordance with Dallas county regulations.

AC System Design for Maximum Efficiency
It isn’t just the AC unit which matters when it comes to saving energy. Proper design and installation are key to ensuring that your AC system is functioning at maximum efficiency. Our air conditioner installation technicians are licensed and experienced in calculating load and demand. With HVAC systems, one key factor is optimizing duct distribution to reduce energy loss.

Other factors like insulating ducts, using the right fittings, and increasing or decreasing ducts’ cross sectional area can help maximize efficiency. Getting these factors right can also help your air conditioner last longer and reduce the risk of common AC problems like freezing and clogs.

AC units are a substantial investment. It is not something you want to reinstall later, so it is vital that you get the upgrade and installation right the first time around. Don’t trust the process to anyone but a licensed professional with years of experience in the industry.

We Get AC Replacement Services Right!
At Dallas AC Repair and Installation Pros, we pride ourselves in offering the highest quality of services for both workmanship and customer service. When you choose us, you will be treated with respect and courtesy from the first call. Our technicians always answer all of your questions so you understand your AC replacement options and can make the best choice. We will never pressure you into making unnecessary or expensive upgrades that you don’t really need. All of our technicians are licensed Air Conditioner, Heating and Refrigeration for both residential and commercial systems (E, R, and C license endorsements). With decades of experience under our belts, we guarantee that we will get your upgrade right!

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