When the weather gets hot in Dallas, you want the peace of mind that comes with having a reliable AC system to keep you cool. Dallas AC Repair and Installation can help with affordable AC installation services. Our technicians can help you pick out the right AC unit, design the system, and install it in a way that ensures years of uninterrupted function.

Understanding AC Systems
There are many different types of AC systems but they all work on the same general principle. The key to the system is the refrigerant, which is like the “blood” which pumps through the system. Refrigerant changes from a gas to a liquid at low temperatures.

The AC cycle begins when the refrigerant enters the compressor as a low-pressure vapor. The pressure from the compressor causes it to turn into a liquid. From there, the liquid travels outside of your home to the condenser. The condenser fan cools the refrigerant as it moves over coils, causing heat to be released outdoors. The liquid then goes through the expansion valve. As it goes through the valve’s tiny opening, it changes the pressure on the refrigerant and cools it so it turns back into a gas. Air from your home is pulled into the AC unit. As the air flows over the coils of cooled refrigerant, the air is cooled. The fans then blow this cooled air back into your home. The refrigerant returns to the compressor where the AC cycle begins again.

There are three main types of AC systems, all which work on the basic principle outlined above:

• Split Systems (ductless systems): These AC units have separate outdoor and indoor parts. They are very quiet and ideal for whole-home systems.
• Package Units: These AC units have all parts combined in one package. They are often installed on top of roofs for mid-sized applications.
• Heat Pumps: These units can provide both heat and air conditioning. They are available as split systems or as package units.

Choosing the Right AC System
AC systems can be a fairly large investment and one which will get a lot of use throughout the years, so you want to make sure you choose the right AC system for your needs. One of the foremost concerns when choosing an AC system is the cost of running it. According to the EPA, heating and cooling units account for about 48% of energy use in a typical US home. By choosing an energy-efficient model, you can drastically reduce your energy bills. If you have an older AC unit or HVAC system, it can pay off in the long run to upgrade to a newer system.

Dallas AC Repair and Installation Pros sell a large variety of AC systems. Our technicians can help you decide which system is best for your home or business needs, taking into factors such as size, your budget, efficiency, and features.

Air Conditioner Installation Services
There is much more to air conditioner installation than just hooking up some valves and components. AC installation should always begin with the design of the system. If the AC system is not well designed, then it will not cool the home evenly or run efficiently – which means higher utility bills. Our licensed AC installation technicians always ensure for proper installation by calculating capacity requirements and matching loads.

We can install an AC system you purchase from us, or a system which you purchased elsewhere. Our Dallas AC installation services always come with a guarantee on workmanship. You can rest assured that the unit will be installed properly so you will not experience problems. We make safety a priority and always secure joints, connections, and ductwork.

Let our experts help you with fast, affordable AC installation services. When you call us for AC services, you can rest assured that your system will be properly designed and safely installed – we guarantee it!
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